Methods of meeting short-term financial needs have changed over the years and there are more options now such as payday loans or borrowing against one’s 401k. Still, many people don’t have ready access to these methods to cover emergencies, repairs, or even when gas to get to work is needed. We stand ready to serve those needs with a fast, confidential loan based on one of the world’s oldest business models.

The first pawnshops, according to the National Pawnbrokers Association, can be traced back to China 3,000 years ago. The pawn as a form of credit is ancient, simple, and tangible. You can borrow from a family member or a friend. You can take your stuff and sell it, in which case it’s gone forever. Or you can take your items to a pawnshop where you will receive a loan based on the value of goods offered. Some people have even said that the pawn business is the world’s second oldest profession.

The items used for collateral have changed over the centuries from livestock and seed grain to electronics, jewelry and tools. (No bowling balls please) Still, the concept hasn’t changed in all these years.

At Westside Pawn, the ages old tradition hasn’t changed. We stand ready to provide a fast and confidential short-term loan while providing complete security for your pledged collateral. So come by and see us any time. You’ll find a well lighted, inviting store with friendly and knowledgeable employees waiting to serve you.

We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised.